We works for different tribal industries.We are proud of the work we do with our clients. Meeting our client objectives, adding value and getting results are our objectives.

State and Local Government

Egovernance, Inc. is pleased to announce the creation of IT services designed to serve the needs of state and local governments. We're familiar with the needs of this industry. E-Governance is a standard platform for all the needs of State and Local government.

Tribes and Tribal Government

As the government industry rapidly grows and evolves, industries are confronted with new challenges and opportunities to increase and strengthen their competitive advantage. E-Governance, Inc. provides software solutions for tribes and the tribal government industry.We've been committed to developing solutions to support tribal governments' various departments. E-Governance Inc. offers Tribes and Tribal Governments:

  • A comprehensive IT management system
  • Premiere technical consulting and assistance
  • Solutions designed specifically to suit tribal government departments

Tribal school

This is the generation of e-learning. E-Governance Inc. supplies a comprehensive and integrated information system that is designed to manage all the aspects of an educational institute. Traditional approaches encompass paper-based information processing, as well as resident work positions and mobile data acquisition and presentation. With our advanced technical and analytical expertise, our rigorous testing, regulatory review, and advanced facilities, we help our tribal school clients attain faster regulatory approval. We offer a diverse range of contract analytical research, consulting, and testing services to support global education industries developing and manufacturing new portals, systems, and products. To support tribal schools' technological goals, we fully leverage diverse software technologies and platforms to create effective learning apps for students

Housing Authorities

E-Governance Inc. works to offer housing authorities the best approaches available. We provide Housing Authorities with the following services:

  • Implementation and administration of Database & Server
  • Security Implementation & Administration
  • Website development, hosting & administration
  • E-Governance -- Virtual Board Agenda & Minutes
  • Application Development & Implementation
  • Backup & Recovery services
  • Manage contacts
  • Share files on remote location with other users.