How to Setup E-Governance?

E-Governance offers a comprehensive, Cloud-based solution that streamlines and enhances organizations’ internal governing systems, helping to create more unified, cost-efficient, successful business practices.

But is it easy to set up? Definitely.

Setup E-Governance

  • Contact our helpful Customer Service Support, via email or our convenient web portal.
  • Our knowledgeable IT team members will guide you through the E-Governance application’s details and help you with the simple installation onto your desktop computer or mobile device.
  • Once the software is installed, the organization’s Administrator (Admin) will receive the application’s full privileges and can create other users for their account.
  • Each user has separate login details by which to utilize the application.
  • Need more information? The complete Application Guide can be found in our Help section.
  • That’s about it. Direct any questions you have about setup or any other aspects about the E-Governance application to our IT Support, and a team member will swiftly respond within 24 hours.