E-Governance aims to help your organization’s operations run more smoothly . We’re committed to our clients and wish to share our knowledge to remedy any difficulties you may have along the way using this software.

What is E-governance?

E-governance is a Cloud-based software application that provides an internal governing structure for organizations, which helps streamline government services and the exchange of communication transactions between entire governmental frameworks. By enabling governmental boards and agencies to have vital financial and non-financial information immediately with the push of a button, this application encourages transparency, cost reduction, instant response, and the increase of employees' productivity. It mainly targets government, citizens, and business groups.

Is E-governance reliable and secure?

We take your information's security very seriously, and enforce all sensible precautionary measures to keep your information safe and secure. Our state-of-the-art redundant server cluster is hosted and professionally managed, accessible only by keypad lock, with monitored and maintained backup servers in place.

Will our data be kept confidential?

We ensure your information's safety by using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification cryptographic protocol, with 256-bit encryption.

Can we import and export data?

Yes, easily. E-Governance gives you the facility to import data from Excel files straight from your local device. For example, it's simple to import your contacts from an Excel file to the online Address Book. It's equally easy to export data from the E-Governance application to an Excel file for further use.

Can you customize E-Governance for us?

Definitely. We're able to fashion the application in many ways to suit your organization's requirements, including offering customized dashboard features, meetings forms, and various E-Forms. Once you provide us with the templates, we can customize and offer all of your users these report templates, including any kind of E-Forms necessary, such as income expenditures, transaction reports, and grant reports.

Can I see the reports in graphical form?

E-Governance provides you with an array of useful graphical reports to choose from. It's up to you whether you'd prefer to visually display your report information in a pie-chart, bar-chart, stacked bar-chart, line chart, etc.

Do you provide online support?

The E-Governance Team is here to help you with all your support needs. If you need any online assistance, send us an email at support@e-governance.us, and we assure you'll receive a response within 24 hours.

Can I manage my book of contacts here?

E-Governance provides the facility to manage all your contacts online and organize them by groups. You can also add an image for each contact, to help you utilize your contacts as easily as possible.

How does the Online Meetings feature work?

When an online meeting reaches its scheduled time, the meeting chairperson will start the meeting session. Each of the invited meeting members will get a notice that the meeting has started, and they can then choose to join it.

Can I send documents to meeting attendees before the meeting starts?

Online meetings can be customized so that all members receive pertinent documents beforehand. This way, each member can be sure to have all the information he or she needs for the meeting's success.

Can I access this web application on mobile devices too?

Indeed, you can! Our software is designed for ease-of-use from various devices. You can access the application on your mobile browsers with all of the features that are available on desktop computer displays.

Is there an iPhone version of this application?

Yes, E-Governance has an iPhone application available for you. Users can simply contact our team for the iPhone App.

Can I make my files private in the Public Library?

The E-Governance Public Library gives you the utility to designate your files as public, or secure them for private use. Once a file is uploaded to the library for public viewing, you can make it private in the future just by editing it.

Can I limit the accessibility of modules for different users?

E-Governance provides a Roles feature, which allows you to specify the module accessibility for various users, such as defining which modules are available to government users, citizen users, or administrators. You can also give Admin privileges to any user.