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E-Governance is a subscription-based software application that conducts organizations’ internal governance services via the Internet, to provide an exchange of communication transactions and services between entire government frameworks.

When utilized, our E-Governance application helps reduce an organization’s costs, both by streamlining and converting physical board meetings into Cloud-based governance systems, and also through bypassing real estate investments and establishment prerequisites by offering e-governance services to the citizens.

Our software offers organizations faster and more cost-effective solutions than ever available before. By working with virtual technology, E-Governance provides agencies ways to save the money and time of hosting standard board meetings, increase the transparency and accountability of human resources, and provide users with real-time answers to their inquiries.

In addition, our application reduces the ownership costs of e-governance projects by diminishing the fees of acquiring different types of hardware and software licenses from private vendors. Without physical constraints, our Cloud-based application facilitates the scalability of e-governance projects and supports their exponential data volume increases.

Our product’s focus is to build a transparent system for government services, so there is no need of a third party. E-Governance is designed mainly for the geographical USA and is also supported by mobile devices. Using a Cloud-computing environment, the application allows for a lightning-fast response, just in time for your organization’s new-generation needs. With your convenience in mind, E-Governance is available in a desktop and mobile web application, iPhone App, and Android App.

Convenience. Paperless meetings. Green solutions. Real-time answers.

E-Governance Mobility Solutions

Access E-Governance on all your mobile devices. We have iPhone and Android apps available for you.

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