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The new-generation business model is here, and E-Governance offers organizations faster and more cost-effective solutions than ever available before. By working with cloud-based technology, E-Governance provides agencies ways to save both the money and time of hosting standard board meetings, increase the transparency and accountability of human resources, and provide users with real-time answers to their inquiries.

How does it work?

E-Governance is an application that empowers and enables governmental boards and agencies to have vital financial and non-financial information accessible immediately with the push of a button. The application’s benefits are designed to streamline the inner workings of legislative teams, tribal leadership and councils, city councils, the board of directors, the board of governors, enterprise boards, and other agencies.

Rather than the old, costly model of hosting physical board meetings that use stacks of print-outs, the E-Governance application can be utilized by portable computers or hand-held devices, such as smartphones or tablets. The software increases organizations’ effectiveness by affording users instant access to updated budgets, revenue and expenditure reports, cash reports, human resource reports, resolutions, minutes, and high value purchases, with minimal human involvement and greater user independence.

Reliable information becomes available in real-time. This immediacy results in enhanced accountability and the overall efficiency of human resources. The core application disseminates and implements policies and procedures in a transparent manner. Meanwhile, target groups benefit from timely adjudication of their benefit applications, since the integration of systems and services propagates electronic government-to-citizens (G2C) interactions.

What are the key features of the E-Governance application?

  • Resolution Manager
  • E-Forms for Beneficiaries of Various Programs
  • Council Meeting Organization
  • Reporting (real-time budgets, revenue & expenditure reports, program evaluation reports, cash status reports)
  • Public Library (share and store documents)
  • Address Book
  • Announcements

Clearly, this web-based software solution offers the low-cost, valuable, and easy-to-use tools necessary for the new-generation legislative organization.

E-Governance Mobility Solutions

Access E-Governance on all your mobile devices. We have iPhone and Android apps available for you.

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